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WISC Summer 2016 Teacher Education Courses

Our 2018 Summer Courses have concluded. Thanks to all who attended, and to all who contributed their invaluable knowledge, expertise, and experience. If you are new to our website and to WISC in general, we've provided this year's course desciptions below, so you may discover what type of classes and subjects we offer. Each year's offerings are different than the previous, so be sure to join us next year for an exciting and edifying new lineup. Meanwhile, if you have considered becoming a Waldorf Teacher, please let us know; we are most happy to help you transform that thought into a reality.

WISC Summer Courses are designed not only for WISC students, students/teachers in Waldorf and other schools; assistants and other interested individuals are invited to participate as well. Our faculty members share many years of experience and expertise in the practical application of Waldorf Education and its philosophical and spiritual foundations. Each class offers a wealth of hands-on opportunities to expand and deepen your understanding and capacities, and your appreciation of the vital role Waldorf Education plays in society.

Los Angeles

June 18 - June 30
(2 weeks offered, either week may be taken individually)

WPAT Course Module #5
and Module #6

with Jack Bryant and Mona Lewis

8:30 am - 5:15 pm
Two-Week Course Fee: $1200 ($650 for one week)

In module 5 we study core principle #3, Relationships, and in module 6 we study core principle #6, Spiritual Orientation.

In module 5 we we explore eighth grade curriculum and build a simple wooden stool:
WPAT hard crafts
In module 6 we work with high school curriculum: basic metal smithing, working with iron, copper and silver. We make decorative hooks, simple vessels, bowls, ladles and spoons:
WPAT hard crafts

In module 5 we create a 3-dimensional pattern, cut and sewn into a chosen animal using simple sewing for 6th grade curriculum. The second project is a Waldorf-style doll:
WPAT soft crafts
In module 6 we are using the American patchwork technique to create a Log Cabin pillow cover from scraps of fabric. The goal is to foster precision for 7th graders:
WPAT soft crafts

Mona Lewis completed her Waldorf Teacher training at WISC in the year 2000. During her time at WISC, she worked in the Early Childhood Center at Highland Hall for four years. She began teaching Handwork in grades one through nine at Highland Hall in the year 2000. She has completed the Illuminated Watercolor course (a three year program in veil painting) with Leszek Forczek. Mona has traveled the west coast giving workshops on natural plant dyes, and uses the dye garden extensively in her work with the children. She has served in the role of mentor, facilitator and teacher development at Highland Hall. Mona is assistant director of the Waldorf Practical Arts Training program. In addition, she teaches Argentine Tango at the high school level.

Jack Bryant completed his Waldorf Teacher training at WISC in 2000, taking his first teaching assignment at the Santa Fe Waldorf School in New Mexico. Since 2001, Jack has been teaching sculpting and practical arts full time at Highland Hall Waldorf School. He has traveled extensively through China, teaching in many Waldorf Teacher Training courses and presenting many workshops at Chinese Waldorf Schools. Jack is the founder of WPAT, the Waldorf Practical Arts Training program in Los Angeles. He brings more than 30 years of practical experience to his teaching, having worked in the building and construction trades. He attended Art Center College of Design and Santa Monica College. Jack has four children who are Waldorf graduates.

For more information regarding the WPAT (Waldorf Practical Arts Training) program, visit our web page.

June 25 - June 29

The Once and Forever World of Fairy Tales: Nourishment for the Senses and the Soul of the Young Child

with Holly Koteen-Soulé
and Dana Williams, Eurythmy

8:30 am - 4:30 pm
Course Fee: $675

We will explore the art of telling stories in early childhood, with a special focus on the timeless and universal themes in world fairy tales. We will learn about the many ways in which they support child development. Taking plenty of time for practicing, we will learn how to enliven our storytelling. Using puppetry to enhance the fairy tale experience, we also will make our own puppets during the course of the week.

Storytelling Puppets

Note: participants should bring an old sweater that has been felted in the washing machine.

Holly Koteen-Soulé brings the fruit of many years of early childhood and adult teaching to share. She is the Teacher Education Coordinator for the Waldorf Early Childhood Association of North America (WECAN).

July 2 - July 6

Grade Five: The Golden Age -
or Time of Turmoil?

with Dennis Demanett
Ania Kubik (Arts)
Tess McGinley (Spacial Dynamics)

8:30 am - 5:15 pm
Course Fee: $700

The fifth grade year shines in the firmament of the Waldorf Curriculum as the year in which the children begin to speak the morning verse that begins "I look into the world..." It is the year that contains both the grime and the glory of the Ancient Greeks. Our starting point will be child development, as we find the youngsters at a major turning point, possibly enjoying the last vestiges of golden childhood while experiencing deeply rooted changes. We will look at every aspect of the fifth grade year: ancient cultures, USA geography, nature studies (plants and unusual animals), decimals, freehand geometry plus circle activities, songs, and poetry that enhance this glorious year.

Dennis Demanett

Well-known for his imaginative and musical, all-encompassing circle work, Dennis Demanett brings both expertise and enthusiasm from his many years of class teaching at Waldorf schools in England, Hawaii, the East Coast and Los Angeles.

July 9 – July 13

Tone and Speech Eurythmy

with Johanna Laurelin

8:30 am - 1:00 pm
Course Fee: $425

Participate in the "art of soul" as we explore the connection of gesture to sound and rhythm with music and spoken text. This course is both accessible and challenging to participants of all levels.

Eurythmy with Johanna Laurelin

Johanna Mueller-Laurelin is a widely acclaimed Eurythmist who performs with stage groups in Europe and the U.S.A. An experienced Eurythmy teacher in Waldorf schools and Eurythmy schools, she is a teacher and co-director in the San Diego WISC program.

July 16 - July 20

Curative Education for Early Childhood and Early Grades Classrooms

with Robyn Brown
and Dana Williams, Eurythmy

8:30 am - 5:15 pm
Course Fee: $700

With direct reference to Rudolf Steiner's lecture course Curative Education, we will encourage our ability to really observe children as the necessary prerequisite to serving their needs. We will focus on the six curative polarities to understand how each one affects the way the child interacts with the world and is able to take up the tasks of the twelve senses. We can learn how to work pedagogically to bring balance back to the condition of polarity so that the child is able to access all of her/his potential. As we engage in a lot of movement exercises, we discover how these activities can and should be included in any classroom.

book: Curative Education

Robyn Brown is the founder of Mulberry Farm, a center for Curative Education. She trained with René Querido and teaches at various teacher training institutes, offering courses for Waldorf teachers who want to deepen their knowledge of Rudolf Steiner's curative education work.

WISC Los Angeles Campus:

Highland Hall Waldorf School

17100 Superior Street
Northridge, CA 91325
818-349-6272   •   877-394-1444

WISC Highland Hall Waldorf Campus

San Diego

June 25 – June 29

Grade Four: Working with the Image of Man at the Core of Waldorf Education

with Dennis Demanett

8:30 am - 5:15 pm
Course Fee: $700

Although the three-fold image of the human being informs all aspects of Waldorf Education, only rarely does this picture come directly before the children themselves. In the fourth grade when we bring to the students our conversation about the relationship of human beings to animals, we clearly speak about the head, the heart, and the limbs of the human being.

Why do we do this at this age? How can we work with this particular year as a kind of fulcrum on which the rest of the curriculum finds balance?

In this course we will examine the nature of the child at age 8-10, asking questions about every aspect of the fourth grade curriculum, beginning with "Man and Animal," but then moving on to local geography, grammar, fractions, and Norse mythology. We will balance discussion and presentation with singing, speech, drawing, and painting. The artistic and practical aspects of 4th grade will be led by Ania Kubik.

Dennis Demanett

Well-known for his imaginative and musical, all-encompassing circle work, Dennis Demanett brings both expertise and enthusiasm from his many years of class teaching at Waldorf schools in England, Hawaii, the East Coast and Los Angeles.

July 2 – July 6

The Acquisition of Walking, Speaking and Thinking: Becoming Human through these Foundational Activities

with Stephen Spitalny

8:30 am - 5:15 pm
Course Fee: $700

In this course we will consider the processes involved for the young child to develop the most basic human capacities, and address how to support the child throughout early childhood in gaining these crucial capacities. Our focus is the young child from birth through the kindergarten years. Our days will be a mix of thought-provoking lectures and conversations, creating our own Circle Time activities and physical engagement in Seasonal Circles. The craft portion of the afternoon session will be led by Anna Masters

Stephen Spitalny

Early childhood consultant and author Stephen Spitalny was a kindergarten teacher at the Santa Cruz (California) Waldorf School for 24 years. Since the mid-1990's, he has given workshops, lectures and courses on many themes for various institutions and groups. Steve is a former Board member of WECAN (Waldorf Early Childhood Association of North America) as well as former editor of Gateways, the bi-annual newsletter of WECAN. Steve also is the author of three wonderful books on early childhood related themes.

July 9 – July 10

Evolution of the Human Soul through Metamorphosis of Color Perception

with Iris Sullivan

8:30 am - 5:15 pm
Course Fee: $250

There is a lawful sequencing of color as seen in the atmosphere at sunrise and sunset that has a deep connection to the development of the human soul.

At dawning of human consciousness in the first cultural epoch, humans had a very limited experience of color and this connected completely with their consciousness. As each cultural epoch advanced, the soul developed new capacities and new colors came into experience.

This course takes participants through the major epochs up to the present with a look to future developments. Each epoch, and the colors connected to human experience at that time, are done as individual exercises.

Course Participants will gain an understanding of color and the developing human soul, as it connects through time with human development. Also included will be why colors are suggested on the classroom walls and how each color relates to the Waldorf curriculum.

Iris Sullivan

After studying Psychology and Art, Iris Sullivan attended Rudolf Steiner College. While in Holland, Iris studied the work of Liane Collot and received a diploma in art therapy while simultaneously receiving her masters in the same area. While teaching at Rudolph Steiner College, she developed an artistic approach incorporating the laws of light and darkness and therapy into artistic color work. Iris has been teaching adolescents for the past 8 years as well as travelling to New Zealand, Hawaii, Taiwan and the Philippines to teach the understanding of how color heals and works in the human organism.

July 11 – July 13

Human Becoming:
The Never-ending Story
Biography and Social Art Workshop

with Patricia and Joseph Rubano

8:30 am - 5:15 pm
Course Fee: $350

Developmental stages do not stop at age 21. The body ages predictably and naturally but the development of the soul and its capacities is placed in our own hands - they become more and more our individual responsibility.

Understanding life as a process that includes growth, crisis, transformation and the unfolding of capacity can help us navigate both our inner and outer worlds.

In this course we will give a picture of the 7-year life phases and how the body, soul and spirit unfold over time. We will use our own unique life journeys, against this archetypal picture of human development, to help us see and understand these phases through exercises and sharing. Our sharing develops our ability to listen and opens us to appreciate others more fully and appreciate our own lives more intimately.

We will use different artistic media to help us to develop the very important capacity to perceive ourselves and our lives from an objective vantage point. We may use pencils, colored pencils, pastels, clay, or writing to make visible what lives in us as memory.

We will also bring Spacial Dynamic movement exercises to help integrate what we are learning and discovering by bringing it into movement.

Joseph and Patricia Rubano

Patricia Rubano is the Director of the Biography and Social Art Program (B&SA). She has been working with Waldorf education and Anthroposophy for over 30 years.

Joseph Rubano is a faculty member for B&SA, a Biographical Counselor, Spacial Dynamic movement educator and poet. He brings 40 years of meditation and inner work to his work with individuals, couples and groups.

WISC San Diego Campus:

The Waldorf School of San Diego

3547 Altadena Avenue
San Diego, CA 92105

WISC San Diego Waldorf Campus

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